Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Barbarella (1968)

Basic Info:
 Barbarella is a 1968 science fiction film based on the French Barbarella comics created by Jean-Claude Forest. The film was directed by Roger Vadim and stars Jane Fonda, who was Vadim's wife at the time.

This movie is just about the time when it was made. It was easy to notice late 70's and summer of love influence. Right from the begining it goes to the point. Everything was just crazy, all scenes were asociatied with sex or something related to it. According to spring image page: "As Barbarella, Fonda strikes the right note of naivety and determination, but for such a sexy title character, the film's attitude to sex is summed up by the opening titles where she strips in zero gravity: you don't see much and it's all a big tease, really." Furry spaceship, a transperant bed from the bottom, stupid sleeping psition - everything was about the same thing. Lots of colour playing everywhere and hipie-style interior/exterior everywhere made it into a peace of art of flower people spirits.

The most important word everywhere in this movie was "love". Tey were saying "love" by welcoming each other, Barbarella had different "love" with almost every random stranger and angel's ("Pygar - Last of the ornithothropes, he's an Angel, literally" - Bad words to a dark queen: "I'm an angel I can not love - I am love" were just taking away. Somehow this movie is the easyest to talk about space, because there wasn't an obvious plot, some scenes were just funny, but it is a good thing - everything there was just about style and love (music, conversations, drugs/pills). All evil torturing instruments had to rip Barbarella's clothes or do something like that. The actual evil was considered as having no love. Firstly the evil dark queen seemed to be a real villan, but eventually the one that Barbarella was told to save was the real bad charackter.

It is absolutely wonderful movie that everybody should see just to feel that old forgotten hippies (not hipsters) spirit again, even though New York Times page in it's critique roughly said: "All the gadgetry of science fiction—which is not really science fiction, since it has no poetry or logic—is turned to all kinds of jokes, which are not jokes, but hard-breathing, sadistic thrashings, mainly at the expense of Barbarella, and of women" there is not only rubbish in the movies, everybody should allways see the bright side. LOVE adn PEACE everybody!

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