Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rewiev of the "Splice" (2009)

Basic info from wiki page:

Splice is a 2009 Canadian-French science fiction-horror film directed by Vincenzo Natali and starring Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley, who portray a young scientist couple, choosing to introduce human DNA into their work of splicing animal genes.

My Opinion:

Splice is science-fiction/horror at its best, underpinning its daring moments of bodily horror and sexual anxieties with flawed characters to care about and moral issues to wrestle with. 
According to "rotten tomatoes" page on wiever said: "The Frankenstein story, a cautionary tale about ambition racing ahead of one's talents, has potential for great pathos and tragedy, Splice opts for far less than that and only partially succeeds. " and I almost agree with him, because almost everything was predictable. It is easy to notice the analogies with Frankenstein and you can allways know what happens next. During the scene when first splice experiment examples killed each other, because one of them changet it's gender into a male, I allready knew that the same thing is going to happen with the main creature.
According to Splice: Seven Magazine review, by Jenny McCartney: "Towards the end, the film romps into ever more schlocky territory, travelling in predictable arcs of disaster, but there is still enough originality and humour to make it worth seeing" And this is what I've also ment to say. Although I have to say that the ending leaving some space for your imagination works very well.

The Transformation:

This transformation could be called evolution. When the main creature was born it used a cocon or larva, not sure what it exactly was, but it worked, since it actually had to be a splice of different animals. After larva state there was a doggie/seal quick and cute little animal and it was ok. Eventually it was mre and more becoming similar to a girl. The question would be, why should human genes be dominating in such thing? Anyway my question might break the whole scenario, but there are still interesting things that that creature is amfibia, can fly, dig tunnels, even change gender like a hermofrodits. Most of the people probably couldn't understang how that guy could have had sex with that creature or girl was so cold when she was raped, but it can be biologicaly explained because a lot of bugs and animals have feromons which ones makes them irresistable to their partners.


Entartaining movie with a bit action and humor, cool effects, but also have some strange and unexplainable stuff. I would rate this movie with 7/10 points if I could.


  1. Hi Domatas,

    Well done for completing all the tutorials. Some great variations too, keep it up.

    Regarding a couple of problems - Missing posters in your 3 point lighting tutorial and the missing textures on the desk scene. You need to set the project before starting so Maya knows where to look for it attachments.


  2. Oh, thanks and now I think I know what was the problen with the desk too.