Thursday, October 7, 2010

Man-Widow part1

Playing with my own face


  1. Great to see the animated sequence, Domantas - but (there's always a 'but') - you seem determined to create a 'monster' - but what would happen if you just attempted to 'look' at your hybrid self; imagine, perhaps, that your hybrid self just wants his portrait painted? Would it be so inevitably monstrous, I wonder? Would it think of itself as a monster? Would we?

  2. Oh yes, I really have a "monster" inside me.. :D (just joking)And if talking seriously I had a huge headache with this thing, I wanted to make an integrated hybrid with some beauty in it. When I was doing the first sketch I allready knew that it's too simple, but it had some elegance actually, the second idea was much more logical, but eventualy man+bug=monster. Maybe adding deformed body could give some painful elegance? not sure, still searching for a best solution...