Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Essay writing

I've decided to write an essay investigating the mtamorphosis of our society from early 50's until these days and showing how heavily it was affected by music, fashion and cultural movements. I was inspired by documentary movies like "Girls and Boys: sex and british pop", "The culture show uncut", famous "Punks not dead" and "American hardcore". I want to show how people's minds were getting more and more mature by taking an example of a natural human being. In early 50's we were shy and forged like little children, in late 70's-80's we were like teenagers which ones are becoming into young adult persons and can hardly control they're inner desires or emotions and now we feel like real grown-ups while looking back through these decades. The video in the beggining of the post is not used there accidentallly, I have prepaired some more pop, well known or atleast really deserved figures that made huge changes in everybody's lifes and minds non-refundably.

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