Sunday, September 5, 2010

Yay, I'm coming to England

So, I had a saying goodbye to my friends party last night and it was pretty fun, but I'm sure that nothing will change. I'm coming to England on wednesday and my final sketches looks almost like in the middle of work. I was wondering if maybe someone knows the easyest way to travel from Gatwick to Rochester? I still have to look around few places to live in and as I've seen google planer gave me a tip how to reach it "only" in ~4,45 hours by local transport. I think i'll better go to Victoria's station and take a train from there.

The second thing that I haven't decided is which one of the machanism sketches is looking more interesting

Should I draw this flying fishy boat?
Or this grasshooper reminding vehicle?
I have to say that I like both of tham equally.


  1. hi, im ruben from second year just came by to present myself. Your sketches are looking really good .

    also, about going from, gatwik to rochester, you either can come on a bus or train. the bus option costs 25 pounds, and stops in chatham, 30 mins walking from rochester, and it goes every 2 hours. from gatwick airport to Chatham. you can find information on:
    Or you can come by train and like you said have to go to London Victoria and then to Rochester, to check the tickets for that you can go on: to check prices, and the travel time.

  2. hey man....hope the journey to englands not gunna be too long lol...liking both idea's though, it's a tricky one reminds me of final fantasy somehow haha....I think either way, the fact that they do kind of resemble animals is an interesing take....maybe you should get some research from the ones they relate to, and make them more 'like' the animals? I've got an interesting section in a magazine where a guy based a ship/helicopter on a dragonfly

  3. Yup. Thats not a new idea to make a ship like that because of all those new mmorpgs, but I never get bored of it. I think I can fuse both of these ideas and try to make something not like an ordinary spaceship, but something more like not very portentous medieval/fantasy plane with a clear resemblence of animal.