Monday, September 27, 2010

Creature improvement and random sketching

So It's really not hard to notice the similarities with centaurus, but I like it in this way

And heres some digital painting:

Head sketching:

Random stuff:

Asnd heres some one more cover that gave me some inspiration:


  1. I was looking at some of this development in our Photoshop session. It's coming along nicely!

  2. Hey Domantas,

    Some rich and very striking visuals here - get expressive sketches - wonderful - a thought, however: I'm wondering if the centaur-inspired hybrid of you and the spider is actually putting a break on your creative potential; afterall, once you've fused your body with that of a spider there's not much else you can do to take your idea in new or 'unimagined' directions. I wonder if you need to step away from this 'two-halves-make-one' approach and go for something more truly integrated? Visit Nat's blog at for some alternative methods for understanding the true rammifications of your teleportation disaster...

  3. Domantas, I spy with my little eye Jimi Hendrix lyrics,The Misfits skull (the Crimson Ghost), and some very nice sketches. In regards to the spider concept, I would like to see more of you in the idea and more of a meld between you and the spider, start to blur the line where Domantas ends and the spider begins. Oh and the work from this months ImagineFX caught my eye as well.

  4. You are right, that music has a huge meaning for me :D And now I'm realy working on a new creature Idea. Tomorrow I am planing to do some digital painting sketches again.