Monday, September 20, 2010


So Its hard to draw realistic hands...
I still don't have any internet connection, so I'm starting from a basic anathomy stuff.
I also don't know if it is alright to play with photo-shop like that, because it really doesn't look like that on my sheet of paper.


  1. These are nice drawings, Domantas, but be careful about post-producing your drawings too much; there is something valuable and satisfying about a simple drawing simply done. Also, consider drawing your left hand as an observational drawing (instead of drawing from an existing photograph); 'looking' is a big skill in itself, and looking at a photograph isn't the same thing, as a photograph is a surface, not an object.

  2. Ok, I actually took an easyer way like that. I'll try doing some real life drawings and yeah, that photoshoping doesn't look good at all actually. Its just that when I scan some drawings they don't look the same as they were on the paper, so im trying to repair it by photoshop, but it doesn't work as I see now.